Kailash – Building Material

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Kailash – Building Material

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About Project

Clients Business Name = Kailash -Buinding Material. 

Project Name = Logo Design 

Technology = Canva , Powerpoint 

What We Work = Digicarrom took on the responsibility of transforming Kailash Building Material Company’s visual identity. Our team, comprising skilled designers and brand strategists, collaborated closely with the client to understand their unique attributes and aspirations. Our goal was to create a logo that not only represented the company’s core values but also resonated with its target audience.

Case Study


Kailash Building Material, a prominent player in the construction industry, sought to revamp its brand identity to reflect its values, innovation, and commitment to quality. Partnering with Digicarrom, a leading design agency, the objective was to create a brand logo that would not only set Kailash Building Material apart in a competitive market but also resonate with its target audience.

Our Role
Digicarrom, a seasoned design agency known for its innovative and strategic approach, took on the challenge of crafting a logo that would embody the essence of Kailash Building Material. Our team aimed to deliver a visual identity that would communicate the company’s reliability, modernity, and commitment to excellence.

Problems :

Kailash Building Material faced a branding challenge as their existing logo failed to capture the essence of their brand. The outdated design did not align with the company’s current values and did not effectively communicate its strengths and offerings. The client recognized the need for a fresh, modern, and memorable logo that could be a powerful asset in their marketing efforts.


Solution :

Digicarrom embarked on a comprehensive design process to develop a logo that would address Kailash Building Material’s branding needs. The key steps in our solution included:

  1. Brand Discovery: We conducted thorough research to understand Kailash Building Material’s values, mission, and target audience. This phase involved interviews with key stakeholders and a deep dive into the construction industry to identify unique selling points.

  2. Creative Conceptualization: Leveraging insights from the discovery phase, our design team generated a range of creative concepts. These concepts were presented to the client, allowing for collaborative feedback and refinement.

  3. Iterative Design Process: We engaged in an iterative design process, refining and evolving the chosen concept based on client feedback. This ensured that the final logo not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

  4. Color Palette and Typography: In addition to the logo design, Digicarrom carefully selected a color palette and typography that complemented the brand’s identity. These elements were chosen to convey trust, reliability, and a modern aesthetic.

  5. Brand Guidelines: To ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, we developed comprehensive brand guidelines that outlined logo usage, color codes, and typography rules. This would empower Kailash Building Material to maintain a cohesive and professional brand image.


Testimonial Clients

"Working with Digicarrom was an absolute pleasure! Their team brought our vision to life with a fresh and innovative logo design for Kailash Building Material Company."

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